Community Event!

Tera_doc posted Thu at 19:41

Good evening everyone! Just letting you know that tomorrow 6pm EST, we will be having a community event. Everyone is welcome to come and we will be talking about your opinions and suggestions to the server, as well as updating you on the progress our staff team has made. After our talks, there will be a Feast in the Great Halls of Eliador, where there will be no PvP allowed. During the Feast, there will also be an auction, which will involve in game money with a maximum purchase of two items per player. All of us from Alphheim hope to see you at the talk, Feast and auction. Have a great night!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Tera_doc posted Mon at 2:32

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the turn out on the opening of the server! Now that Mother's Day has come and gone, we wanted to let you know about a deal that we have in the Donation Store. Starting today, using the code Mothersday20, you can get 20% off of the entire cart. It is a one time use coupon, so make sure you pick out everything you might want or need. It doesn't expire, so if you can't use it now, but want to use it soon, you're more than welcome to! Thank you again so much everyone and we hope to see you online!

The team has been working hard and are excited for the launch of Alphheim in the near future! We have a few screenshots of dungeons we have been working on as well as towns! Plugins are going in smoothly and soon the countdown for Alphhheim will begin! Thank you all for being patient!

Emii Looks Amazing :3

Weekly Update!

Cake posted Mar 5, 18

Hello everyone, thank you for being patient with the staff team this week. Many points have been made over time about how much information the players waiting are given. We agree that the team has not been providing as much information even though we’ve gone so far from the start during the busy holidays season. From now on we will be compiling what we have done in the week before and what we will be finishing and getting to in the next week or two. Again, thank you for the patience!

Since the beginning of the server, we have come a long way from just an empty map to a nice and completed spawn. Currently, there are some tweaks that can be made, but it is approaching perfection.

While the map we had in December was nice, the water of that map had been tampered with during its development by the creator, leaving us no choice, but to make a whole new map. The new map is now complete due to our head admin, Galduron, and his work. The move to that map only took about a day or so and was no problem in the development of the server’s map.

In the beginning Alphheim had only one town. Since then, we have grown to four and, each day, we’re getting closer to completing the towns for players to live in!

Dungeons have been an odd topic in the staff team, but we have many ideas that we hope to bring to life!
The team has completed most of the website aside from very small hiccups we need to flesh out. There are one or two rules we wish to look into, but the ranks for each race are completed alongside applications, and racial lore. We always welcome feedback!

Plugins had been a bit difficult in the past, but our developer, electroniccat, has been hard at work and we have successfully gotten many of our needed plugins!
There are many minor details we all have been knocking out lately like the economy and lorebags.

While not everything is completed and the team still has a bit to go, we are getting closer and closer to opening each and every day. We apologize for the lack of communication between the staff and the players, but we wish to help fix that! Thank you for sticking with Alphheim and we will see you next time with our developer update!

Emii Omg :d looks amazing!

More Screenshots

Cake posted Feb 18, 18

Taken by me:

Emii All the pictures look amazing :)
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